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Many prospective homeowners in the Orange County, CA area have trouble finding a professional and reliable real estate professional. But with Hala Chalan Realty, you can trust me with all of your real estate needs.

Whether it’s buying or selling a property, I will be your trusted resource on all things real estate. Learn more about what I bring to the table..

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What I bring to the table

  • I serve the Orange County and surrounding areas, making me a one-stop-shop for your real estate needs.
  • I am available and on-call at all hours to help you find the right property. In fact, it’s my full-time job to make sure you’re satisfied.
  • I customize marketing strategies for each property I sell, making sure the word is out and maximized around the community.
  • I use analytics to derive the best market price for your property, taking out any guesswork.
  • I match buyers and sellers with MLS property searches, hosting the newest listings on my site.
  • I am local to the Orange County area, so I know the community like the back of my hand. Forging rich connections to community members, I am always in the know when it comes to new listings.
  • I don’t prescribe to old-school real estate techniques. In fact, I take an innovative approach to meet the needs of the clients I serve through changing (and sometimes challenging) times.
  • I am educated in a range of aspects of real estate, including the legalese, marketing, interior design, landscaping, and all local building codes and zoning.
  • Many property owners have trusted me with buying or selling since 2017. See for yourself.
  • Unlike other brokers, I work tirelessly behind the scenes on your behalf. My work is not done until the sale is complete!

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